Will there be a season 2 of Falling Into Your Smile

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Will there be a season 2 of Falling Into Your Smile

We Honestly Don’t know what To Say Because Falling into your smile Is something else it’s was a Drama that captured everyone attention & also was worth the hype and everything.

Falling Into Your Smile has not been officially renewed for season 2, but there are a few indications that we could see the C-drama’s return in the future.

The series has only just wrapped up, so fans shouldn’t start to panic at the lack of information just yet – often producers and networks will wait several weeks to analyse the show’s performance before deciding its fate.

The good news is that Falling Into Your Smile is easily popular enough to merit a renewal. Following a disappointing debut, the C-drama has become a worldwide hit and certainly has the backing from fans; scoring an 8.7/10 on MyDramaList and 9.4/10 on both Viki Rakuten and IMDB.

There is also an indication that another season could be being set up from the final episode, with the line “See You Next Year.” Whilst this may only be referring to the in-series narrative, many fans are assuming that this is a hint towards season 2, especially considering the yearly-schedule for E-sports tournaments.

Overall, the entire storyline is set up for a second season, as the competitions, stakes and personal relationships will only get tougher for our favourite gaming team to handle.


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