Jun So Min Jokes About How She Gets “Revenge” On An Ex-Boyfriend On “Running Man”

Jun So Min Jokes About How She Gets “Revenge” On An Ex-Boyfriend On “Running Man”

Jun So Min jokingly revealed her “method” for getting revenge on an ex!

On the latest episode of “Running Man,” the cast members and guests had to guess the results of a poll asking which of them seemed most likely to “take revenge no matter what if someone hurt their feelings.”

The “Running Man” cast immediately exclaimed, “Jun So Min is definitely No. 1 for this!”

The actress went on to share, “[When it comes to revenge,] I don’t say anything in front of the person. I wait until I’ve carefully planned everything out, then take my revenge over a long period of time.” Kim Jong Kook commented with a laugh, “That’s the scariest type of person.”

Jun So Min continued, “Once, back when people were still using wired earphones, I got so angry [at someone] that I unspooled their tidily wrapped earphone cords and tangled them on purpose. That’s the kind of revenge I take.”

Later on, she added, “Thinking about it now, my biggest revenge is working hard and being really active [in the industry] like this.” She then turned to the camera and asked, “Are you watching this? I’ll make it so that every time you turn on the TV, my face will show up on your screen.”

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