Falling Into Your Smile Season 2 Release Date & Cast

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  • At the time of writing, Falling Into Your Smile has not been officially renewed for season 2, but there are a few indications that we could see the C-drama’s return in the future.

The series has only just wrapped up, so fans shouldn’t start to panic at the lack of information just yet – often producers and networks will wait several weeks to analyse the show’s performance before deciding its fate.

The good news is that Falling Into Your Smile is easily popular enough to merit a renewal. Following a disappointing debut, the C-drama has become a worldwide hit and certainly has the backing from fans; scoring an 8.7/10 on MyDramaList and 9.4/10 on both Viki Rakuten and IMDB.

There is also an indication that another season could be being set up from the final episode, with the line “See You Next Year.” Whilst this may only be referring to the in-series narrative, many fans are assuming that this is a hint towards season 2, especially considering the yearly-schedule for E-sports tournaments.

Overall, the entire storyline is set up for a second season, as the competitions, stakes and personal relationships will only get tougher for our favourite gaming team to handle.

Unfortunately, some fans have seen this as a potential issue, claiming that the openness of the story means that a new season may be produced but with a different cast – essentially a spin-off rather than a second direct season

If Falling Into Your Smile is indeed renewed for season 2, KUNJIASIAN predicts that season 2 would premiere in June 2022; a full one year after the first debut. Any potential issues with the release of a second season, would come from the cast being busy with other projects, assuming that their performances have warranted countless new job offers.

This article will be updated as soon as more information is revealed.

Whilst Falling Into Your Smile might have put you in the mood for major league gaming, there are a few other E-sports related titles you should check out.

The ‘big three’ in terms of other Chinese-based E-Sports series are Gank Your Heart, The King’s Avatar and Go Go Squid, all of which first released back in 2019.

Gank Your Heart is a romance series that tells the story of two young lovers; Ji Ziangkong is a professional gamer with hopes of winning a national championship and Qiu Ying is a live streamer who wants to become the next big commentator.

The King’s Avatar is a personal favourite and is definitely a popular series; being watched more than one billion times on Tencent Video. The series is a representation of a fictional E-sports scene in China that revolves around one gamer’s rise and fall through the largest online title, Glory.

“FALLING INTO YOUR SMILE” Season 2 please 🙏❤#FallingIntoYourSmile #tongyao #ZGDX #LuSiCheng

— Hazer Bianca (@itsheysir) July 20, 2021
Go Go Squid is likely a series that many fans will have already seen or known about. Centred around a blossoming romance between two gamers, this show is labelled as “The Most-Streamed Series of 2019” and thankfully, has already returned for a second season.


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